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    <div id=”content_id”>Whose Day Is It? Your real estate agents?
    Remember this is your wedding so the day should be about what you and your partner want. It is impossible to please everyone when organizing a wedding so don’t try. Please the two most important people Drew Doughty Jersey Sale , yourself and your partner. If you really want to avoid upsetting people try compromising with them over some details of the wedding.

    Start planning right away. Use a folderexercise bookindex cards or a computer program to list everything you can think of relative to your wedding -and don’t forget the honeymoon. List dates when jobs need to be completed by and check them off once done. Keep a record of everything -deposits, receipts, real estate agents,phone calls and written confirmation of any bookings.

    Work out a budget for your wedding and once set try not to exceed it by more than the smallest of margins. Wedding costs have a habit of blowing out of proportion. If you find it hard to keep under budget look for areas where you can economize. Could you borrow a friend’s car instead of hiring one? A wedding doesn’t need to expensive to be wonderful.

    Share the Workload
    Once you have a list of everything that needs to be done before the wedding day, enlist all the help and support you can. Ask your attendants, family and close friends to help with various tasks. People love a wedding and love to be involved so let them.

    Keep problems in proportion. It is not worth upsetting yourself, and everyone else, over minor details. If the bridesmaids’ shoes are one shade lighter in color than you wanted it isn’t the end of the world. Learn some relaxation techniques or have a soothing massage if it all gets too much.

    Enjoy the lead up
    The time leading up to your wedding is a very special time but it will go very quickly. Don’t spend it going crazy over wedding preparations or arguing with everyone within your radius. Don’t say things you may later regret. If you feel yourself losing your cool walk away for a while and calm down.

    Take Time Out
    Each week take time out with your partner and agree not to mention the word ‘wedding’ or anything related to weddings. Chill out with a good bottle of wine, a tasty meal and each other’s company.

    The Big Day
    Finally enjoy every moment of your wedding day. It may come along but once in your lifetime so savor every moment of it.<!– google_ad_section_end –><!– google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) –>Author’s Resource Box

    John Long, President of Long Acquisitions, Inc. The company is located in Wilmington, NC and has been in business since July of 2001. Our company is averaging 8 to 12 homes per month. Soon we will be averaging up to 40 transactions per month.


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