• November 19, 2018 at 3:44 am

    Today, the wind is blowing, the branches are being blown away by the wind, and the sky is overcast. Everything means that this is not a good weather.r dinner, my mother and I went out for a walk as usual Wholesale Newport Cigarettes. The wind is very big, walking and walking, the mother relies on me. Although I am not yet an adult, it is not like relying on the grass under the wall. Even if the wind blows, I occasionally shake and occasionally lean back, but Can I stand still, mother? Then lean behind me like a child.is made me wonder when I was six or seven years old, the little hands of the young, the songs of the children, and the mother walking in the breeze, the sand came, I always hide in my mother’s arms.m taller than my mother today. If I grow up Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale, I should be sensible and I should take responsibility.grew up, my mother is old, although she hasn’t gotten to the wind, but after all, there are a lot of wrinkles on her face. I know that these wrinkles are the footprint of the years, the mark of labor for me, and the testimony of my growth!oking at my mother’s face, I couldn’t speak for a while. It was a fierce winter breeze. I blew my cold war. I clenched my mother’s hand. My heart was surrounded by a warm heat. My eyes were moist. I have been in the autumn since ancient times. The weather is getting worse. It��s cold. I didn’t like autumn and winter since I was young. I think the cold in autumn and winter is unbearable. For the fall, I am always half-happy and half-hearted Newport 100S Price. Now, on the day of the late autumn, my heart is a little heavy. But my friend told me that autumn is also beautiful.or three nights in September, it looks like a real pearl like a bow.” Autumn, the sky is high, the moon is also clear, like a bright light in the sky. Today, it��s another fifteenth, and the ��monthly bow�� has become ��the moon like a jade plate��. Going home by self-study every day, the moon accompanied me home on time, and used the moonlight to illuminate the dim path. At this time, my heart has become a bit more joyful, looking up at the moon, she seems to be laughing at merking is in love with Fenglin, and the frost is red in February.” There is another maple forest behind my house. As soon as the autumn arrives, the red leaves of the mountains are like burning torches, so prosperous, so strong, warming people’s hearts. It��s really red for the ��February Flower�� Cigarettes Online Store. Who said that Fenghong is not the autumn dress?xia and Lonely are flying together, and the autumn water is a long day.” The wild goose flies south, and the water of the West Lake meets the blue sky. Only the arc of the water and the sky can be seen. The blue waters, the spotless days, like a crystal ball, can tolerate the whole world. In the evening, there was a gorgeous sunset on the horizon, which reflected the half of the sky and dyed the West Lake.s is autumn, maybe sad, maybe vicissitudes Wholesale Cigarettes For Resale. I gradually fell in love with this season, fell in love with her purity, her softness, her simplicity. I love autumn!