• November 8, 2018 at 12:20 am

    One day, like a blogger opened a supermarket, and invited Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf to attend its banquet. The next day, they wore beautiful clothes and came to the home of the uncle. The Grey Wolf didn��t take anything to attend the banquet because he didn��t understand the rules Carton Of Newports. Well, like an uncle, he was very angry, but he didn’t want to say him in front of everyone. Everyone was gone. Like the uncle pretending to keep the gray wolf and the red wolf, the red wolf was very happy, thinking that he could eat at the home like the uncle. When I got a meal, I was happy to say to the gray wolf: “Husband Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, what method do you use to keep the uncle like us?” Gray Wolf said proudly: “I am charming, look at me, how handsome! Like uncle Leave me? Haha.” When I arrived at the supermarket, the red wolf saw that the uncle had not returned yet, and she carefully selected the clothes, food, soda, toys and cosmetics. She thought: “Husband has so Charm, can this thing be like an uncle?” Like the uncle, the red wolf rushed to the scene, the object uncle said: “These things are all of us Marlboro Red, do you know? And, is the food ready? I but Less than a. “Treated like Red Wolf Wolf as saying. The uncle, who was very angry, was even more angry. He said, “Damn red wolf, when did you order me? Also, don’t you know the rules? Others have a party to give gifts, I didn’t want to teach. You, but you are too uncultivated, I want to clean up you!” Speaking, kicked hard, kicked them to the river, the sheep and goats were collecting flowers Newport Cigarettes, scared “wow”, this is called When the gray wolf grabbed the beautiful sheep and ran. At this time, the tiger also ran, and he also liked to eat mutton, and he competed with the gray wolf for the beautiful sheep. After a while, the beautiful sheep was torn and died. Everyone saw: dead sheep? We don’t want dead sheep! Just left. the evening, Pleasant Goat went to find the beautiful sheep and found that the beautiful sheep died. She was very sad and brought her back. Everyone knows that the beautiful sheep died and they all cried. At this time, the slow sheep came out and said: “I invented a “human stapler” that can be resurrected as long as it is applied to the wound. Let’s try it!” It worked very well. It didn’t take ten minutes for the sheep to wake up and then told them. In the end, they decided to kill the Red Wolf because they still want to play with the Big Wolf! At night, Pleasant Goat opened their “secret passage” and went to the gray wolf’s bedroom, bringing the red wolf to the “secret passage”, then tied her to the sheep village, and they struggled to fight the red wolf until After tearing the red wolf in half, he took it home again. Because the slow sheep was so forgetful, he forgot the stapler. The gray wolf woke up and found that the red wolf was dead, and he cried. All day. The next day, it was too sleepy, went to sleep, suddenly found the stapler, tried it, the red wolf was happy and said, “Husband, what did you invent? Bring me back to life?” Wife, are you awake? If you wake up, don’t say anything, hurry and rest! I am going to catch the sheep.” “Good”asant goats are afraid of gray wolves to mess up and disturb the sheep and goats. They set up a general office at the gate, and they got a total of 200 Newport Cigarettes Website. When the gray wolf passed the 100th, they were so tired that they screamed. From: “Awful Pleasant Goat, I will definitely come back for revenge. When I finished, I fainted.