• July 14, 2018 at 4:21 am

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    by Stefania Fumo


    ROME C.J. Mosley Vapor Untouchable Jersey , Sept. 22 (Xinhua) — In a speech in Italy’s Florence onFriday, British Prime Minister Theresa May proposed a two-year”period of implementation” after Britain leaves the EuropeanUnion.


    Britain will officially no longer be a part of the EU as ofmidnight on March 29, 2019. This means May is suggesting Britainwould continue to stay in the EU single market and customs unionfor another two years after that, i.e. until 2021.


    “During the implementation period, access to one another’smarket should continue on current terms, and Britain should alsocontinue to take part in existing security measures Jeremy Maclin Ravens Jersey ,” May said.


    “We would want to make an ongoing contribution to pay our fairshare of the costs involved,” she added. “The UK will honorfinancial commitments made during our membership.” Theimplementation period would give people and businesses time toadjust to the upcoming “new regime”, May explained.


    On the economic front, May suggested it would not be necessaryto negotiate a new trade deal with the EU “from scratch”. “No needto impose tariffs where there are none now,” she said. “We will doeverything we can to avoid friction at the border.”


    Speaking to Italian lawmakers in Rome on Thursday, EU Brexitnegotiatior Michel Barnier said Britain cannot expect in future tohave a trade deal with all the benefits and none of the obligationsof being in the EU. “The future trade deal with the United Kingdomwill be particular Justin Tucker Ravens Jersey , as it will be less about building convergence,and more about controlling future divergence,” said Barnier.


    The EU diplomat also said negotiations were dragging on theissue of the rights of EU citizens living in Britain. He saidBritain must guarantee they won’t be penalized by Brexit.


    On Friday in Florence, May, the British conservative leader,reassured the public that EU citizens living and working inBritain C.J. Mosley Ravens Jersey , including 600,000 Italians, will have the same rightsafter Brexit as they did before, and that Britain is willing tohave any disputes resolved by the European Court of Justice. “Wewant you to stay, we value you,” May said. “It remains one my firstgoals in this negotiations Women’s Jeremy Maclin Jersey , to ensure you can carry on living yourlives as before.”


    “I’m clear the guarantee I’m giving on your rights is real,”said May. “When there is uncertainty around underlying EU law, Iwant the UK courts to be able to take into account the judgment inthe European Court of Justice with a view to ensuring consistentinterpretation. On this basis, I hope our teams can reach firmagreement quickly.”


    May also said Britain wants to remain deeply engaged with the EUon the security front. Mass migration, terrorism and climate changeare “issues we can only solve in partnership,” she said. Therefore”the quality of our cooperation” must be maintained “in what arelife and death matters.”


    “Our people face the same threats and we share the same values Women’s Justin Tucker Jersey ,”said May, calling for a new British-EU treaty on security, lawenforcement and criminal justice cooperation. “We may be leavingthe European Union, but we are not leaving Europe,” she said.However, she claimed that “throughout its membership Women’s C.J. Mosley Jersey , the UK hasnever totally felt at home being in the European Union.”


    Outside in Piazza Santa Maria Novella, pro-EU British citizensstaged a small protest. Photos published by ANSA news agency showedthe protesters wrapped in British and EU flags and holding up signssaying things like: “British and a proud European”.


    The British people voted by a slim majority to leave the EU in aJune 2016 referendum. The Treaty on European Union foresees aperiod of two years to negotiate a country’s withdrawal. Threerounds of Brexit negotiations have been conducted so far.Enditem

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