• July 13, 2018 at 3:36 am

    In the bustling streets, there are always some humble people who are working hard, but they are not noticed or even deceived. What kind of society is this is really unpredictableearly morning, the mood is very good, the light sun shines on my face, riding a bicycle, listening to music, in the busy alley. The people who sell vegetables and sell fruits are shouting: “Come and see the fresh cabbage, two dollars a pound.” Everyone has sweat on their foreheads, everyone is busy with their own lives. Until I got to the end of this alley, I stopped. Here, only the old grandfather and grandmother sat quietly in front of a basket of inconspicuous longan, just sitting quietly, looking at the passing crowd, their confused eyes could not be described in words Newport Cigarettes Website.ally, a man in his thirties stopped and said in a disdainful tone: “How do you sell this longan?” At this time Marlboro Cigarettes, the eyes of the two old people suddenly brightened. “It’s cheap, buy more.” The man said again: “Give me a pound.” Grandma didn’t know where to find a bag, and put the longan into the bag carefully. On the way, she also took some bad or not fresh Newport 100S, for fear that the guests would not Satisfied, then used the title to say, said: “A pound more than two, you are a pound.” The man took 50 yuan from the trouser pocket to the grandmother, the grandmother handed 50 yuan to the grandfather Because the longan is not expensive, the grandmother found a lot of change from the bag to the man until a good-hearted person told them that the 50 yuan was fake. They immediately stood up and looked for the man, but already Nobody is seen.is time Carton Of Marlboro Reds, the grandfather held the 50 yuan counterfeit money tightly. The two old men looked at each other with tears in their eyes. How confused the eyes were, the grandfather patted his wife��s shoulder: “Go home.” Grandma wiped her hands with her hands. Tears, provoked the longan, and slowly disappeared into the crowd with the grandfather, slowly drifting in my vision to see their helpless back, I could not help but feel angry for this shameless man, for this A bad social atmosphere feels sad.e only people in the lower classes of society, and they support themselves in order to live by their lives. However, even the grandfather and grandmother are deceiving. What happened to these people? What happened to this society? Those scenes, the eyes of the old people, the backs of the old people, the coolness of this society made me unforgettable Wholesale Cigarettes.