• October 17, 2018 at 3:01 am

    Hello everyone, the topic of my speech today is “Pain is also a fortune. all know that caterpillars must be painfully broken to become beautiful butterflies; mothers must feel the happiness of their children through painful childbirth; the creeks must pass through a few twists and turns to flow to the vast sea; the snakes must go through painful Peeling can become stronger; the roots of the big trees on the cliffs must stretch through pain to make them thrive Parliament Cigarettes. Jay Chou became famous, he was a waiter in a restaurant Marlboro Cigarettes Price. One day, Wu Zongxian took a fancy to this young man and said to him: “Allen, if you can make fifty songs in ten days Carton Of Marlboro Reds, I will help you become famous!” Jay Chou knows that he may have such an opportunity in his life. If he misses it, he will not have it, so he spent the ten days in bed and night, and he was hungry and hungry. He bought instant noodles. In this way, he became a popular star. .is not the best relief in life, and pain is not the biggest loss in life. We have to face every thing with a smile and face life with a smile Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. The Yellow River, the name is no stranger to us, it used to be our dream place, she silently nurtured us like a mother, selfless dedication.somehow, she is no longer as beautiful and enchanting as we imagined Marlboro Gold. She is not amiable. She is surrounded by yellow and yellow sand. There is no green trail. She is surrounded by yellow sand and must know that the mother of the Yellow River does not belong to us human beings. She belongs to nature. We must care for her like a loved one, love her, protect her, and make the Yellow River amiable again. There is a man named Lian Shu, who met a child called Xiaosheng. Lian Shu saw that there was a blind person. Even Uncle helped her. He went out to earn money with Xiaosheng. Every day, Xiaosheng and Uncle both had lunch, and they had no family. Later, Lian Shu and Xiao Sheng saw a school, recruited teachers, and was able to cure the students. After a few days, even Uncle and Xiaosheng went to see and found that the bonus was 500,000. Lian Shu went to Wulongyuan with Xiaosheng to learn martial arts. They are all cattle B every day. Going back to school, I saw that I was still recruiting a teacher, and even my uncle went. He scored 100 points for all students. Later, even the uncle helped a student to get a bonus and could not get it. Xiaosheng also called Lian Shu to go back without a bonus. As a result, Xiaosheng found his biological father., they are so bitter! We are now in such a good environment, so good to eat, even the uncle they have to use hard work in exchange for living expenses. We must cherish the present life, these are the people who used to exchange their lives. I also want to use my current time to study hard and become a useful person. This movie reminds me of a story. Once upon a time there was a family who had a carrot every day. Later, their son had a good time, and now they are eating the sea of ??seafood. I have been very touched by the crayons!