• July 13, 2018 at 3:36 am

    he snow, falling down from the air, seems like countless butterflies are flying, and like the catkins gently dancing, the heavens and the earth are integrated.oon, I had lunch Marlboro Cigarettes Price, opened the curtains and looked at it. Ah, the scenery in front of me surprised me – it was snowing outside, and I realized the meaning of the idiom “Goose and Snow” at this time. I looked out of the window, and when I came back to God, there was another scene in front of me. The snow is still under this Cigarettes Cheaper, and the roof, the branches, and the road are covered with a thick layer of snow. Quiet outside, as if only the snow is falling gently, playing a good show, it is like a silver kingdom with powder makeup. On the road, there was a thick carpet, which was stepped on to make a “squeaky” sound, leaving a deep footprint. The snow-covered world is extraordinarily enchanting. children came downstairs to fight snowballs and snowmen. The laughter attracted the snow, and they had small snow on their hair and nose Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. I was also attracted and came downstairs. Reaching out, a snow fell on my hand, cool, soft, soft, quite comfortable! The snowflake is hexagonal and consists of many small snow gatherings. I wonder if the god in heaven has such a clever design., still keeps on, like pearls, crystal clear, like goose feathers, swells, like the elves in the sky, naughty and lovely, like catkins, falling from the sky…this point, I remembered the mountains in the distance, the snow covered in her gentle and undulating curves, wrapped her silver packaging. If you enter the mountains to enjoy the snow at this time Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, it is like entering the fairy tale world!now, like the beautiful music, the deep and beautiful poems Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, brought happiness to the children, and let us appreciate that one is beautiful, the snow makes people feel soft, I love snow.