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    <div id=”content_id”>Women continue to struggle against hormones. There has been a considerable thought process on altering the attitude towards the combination of estrogen and progestin therapy. In the wake of Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) http://www.cheapmlbbravesjerseys.com/Bob-Uecker/ , people are trying to find the benefits of this treatment that would prevent the later life ills. The initial trial stopped at 2002 and reports suggested that the therapy increased the risk of breast cancer, stroke and blood clots. The added the risks were small but women and clinics discontinued the therapy suggesting the negative effects. There were women who reported that the hot flashes, sleeplessness and other menopausal symptoms would often return manifold in intensity.

    Signature Wellness understands that hormone therapy is still considered an effective treatment for the symptoms of the menopause. However, women are not rushing back to the treatment and therefore there are multitudes that are approaching for the alternative therapy thinking them to be safer than the hormone therapy. Even before the results of the WHI were in, there were women who were desperately searching for the therapies that would relieve them of symptoms of the menopause. Yet they were also worried about the side effects of the hormone therapy especially things like breast tenderness and bleeding. There were women who thought the effects of the medicines on the other parts of the body. With estrogen’s strong association with breast cancer http://www.cheapmlbbravesjerseys.com/Bobby-Cox/ , others would oppose the drug taking thinking that menopause was the normal life passage. Others were worried about the source of estrogen.

    Searching for the natural

    We always associate natural with things that are better and therefore the consensus was that the natural hormones would be better. Here the term, “natural” is open to various interpretations. Any product that would bear a part of animal, plant or mineral source can be termed as technically natural. It doesn’t matter whether the ingredient was ground, put into patches or sold over the counter. It can be manufactured by a pharmaceutical company, or be extracted in a lab.

    Introducing the Bio-identical hormones

    The interest of the women in the natural approach of the hormone therapy brought back the interest on the bio-identical hormones. These hormones have the regular molecular structure to the normal hormones that women have in their body. These do not exist in this form in the nature http://www.cheapmlbbravesjerseys.com/Dale-Murphy/ , but are synthesized or manufactured from the plant extracts from the soy and yam. The estrogen variety includes the estrone, estriol and 17 beta-estradiol. Estradiol decreases during the menopausal phase. The bio-identical progesterone is simple progesterone. It is ground super fine for the better assimilation in the body.

    Called bio-identical hormone therapy, the hormones are introduced in the body. They act in the similar manner that the hormones we produce act. Technically the body cannot recognize the two different types and therefore reacts the same way that the body would otherwise.

    The best way to find these medicines is buying the FDA approved medicines that are available against a prescription in any local drugstore. There are several forms that are available in the market. The most common of them is the pills, gels, creams http://www.cheapmlbbravesjerseys.com/Babe-Ruth/ , vaginal preparations and patches. No one knows whether they are safe for use, however, studies has that there is a marked difference in the hot flashes and vaginal dryness. This depends greatly on the administration of the medicines. Research is still being conducted on their effects, risks and benefits.

    It is important that women take the appointment from a credited clinic like Signature Wellness, and undergo a treatment that is prescribed by a medical practitioner. Located in the warm Indian Ocean http://www.cheapmlbbravesjerseys.com/Dansby-Swanson/ , Maldives is a cluster of tiny islands, 26 to be exact, home to a wonderful blend of exotic cultures and traditions. As a testament to the culture, the word Maldives means “Mountainous Islands” in the exotic local language of Tamil, still spoken by many local natives. Because of the mountainous topography http://www.cheapmlbbravesjerseys.com/Freddie-Freeman/ , only the small low lying inlets are inhabited. It is on these small quiet inlets that breathtaking ocean views, white sand beaches and lush palm trees are available for all who come to enjoy luxurious Maldives holidays.

    Hotels in Maldives

    A typical journey to the Maldives is centered around a beautiful resort hotel. In most cases, an island will contain only one resort, adding to the privacy and the experience. The inhabitants of the island are only the support staff necessary to make the vacation as relaxing as possible, there are no natives. If a cultural trip http://www.cheapmlbbravesjerseys.com/Hank-Aaron/ , filled with history and anthropology is desired, many resorts offer shuttles to other islands. There, it is possible to get a glimpse into the lives of Maldives natives. Many of the natives still fish using ocean kayaks and rudimentary nets. For the people who inhabit these islands, their families have lived here for generations, unchanged by time and untouched by western civilization. Maldives vacations can be eye opening windows into the past.

    If experiencing nature is the goal http://www.cheapmlbbravesjerseys.com/Greg-Maddux/ , there are many opportunities located directly on the resort island. Using the resort as a base of operations, holiday visitors to the Maldives will have the freedom to explore the island in any way they choose. On land, mountain biking or hiking in the mountains is a common pastime and the best way to get up close to the local wildlife, including birds of paradise. Many resorts and hotels in Maldives have their own aquatic facilities; some have world-class dive centers.

    In the ocean, many visitors try parasailing or boating. Boating provides a unique opportunity to see different islands in the Maldives or possibly catch some of the deep sea fish tha.</div>