• June 26, 2018 at 11:22 pm

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    ARUSHA, Tanzania, Oct. 25 (Xinhua) — Poaching is no longer a serious challenge in Ruaha National Park (RNP) located in southern highlands of Tanzania, but severe drought, which has hit the catchment of the Great Ruaha River hard.


    Park managers expressed concern over the new foe, which threatens the survival of Tanzania’s largest park with its rich biodiversity.


    Christopher Timbuka, Chief Park warden of RNP said that currently the river catchment has turned into a dustbowl, posing a serious threat to wildlife and human activities on the river basin. The river flows through the Usangu wetlands and the Ruaha National Park east into the Rufiji River.


    “Our new threat now is no longer poaching, it’s drought. The river is a home to more than 30 fish species, which are now under threat. They remained in few ponds,” Timbuka said.


    He explained that recently, over 3,000 fish were found suffocated is one of the few ponds, which before were filled with water in the river basin.


    Hippos are among the animals, which are being affected by the challenge.


    “Our worry as conservators is that if the rains won’t come in the next five weeks, the situation will be worse,” he said, disclosing that similar drought was experienced in 1993 in the river.


    The park official said wildlife also face similar challenges as they walk long distances to avoid thirsting to death.


    Amina Masenza, Iringa Regional Commissioner admitted that the situation in the river basin is appalling, “as the river valley is dry, full of dust, something I never expected.”


    She called for a multi-sectoral approach to address the challenge facing the key river in Tanzania.


    According to the regional chief, the river is being depended on by more than a million small-scale farmers, who produce a significant portion of the country’s food on the lush soil in the Ruaha basin. It also provides 70 percent of Tanzania’s hydroelectric power.


    January Makamba, Tanzania’s Minister of State in the Vice-President’s Office (Union Affairs and Environment), also said: “Generally, the ecology of the entire river is under threat because of changing weather patterns and human-related activities, which have reduced the amount of water in the river.”


    He said that deforestation, farming, and poor irrigation infrastructure lead to worryingly long dry spells in the river basin.


    “That’s why we need to take serious measures to address challenges facing the river including involving all people living along the river basin.”


    JUBA Nike Air Max 90 Womens Sale , Sept. 21 (Xinhua) — South Sudan’s ministry of mining said Thursday it would embark on sweeping reforms in the mining industry to ensure sustainable exploitation of natural resources and enhance environmental protection.


    Gabriel Thokuj Deng, Minister of Mining, said most large and small scale mining companies operating in the East African nation are not complying with the laws of the country Nike Air Max 90 Sale , as such the government finds it difficult to control and regulate their activities.


    Speaking during a three-day workshop on extractive industry sustainability in the capital, Juba, Thokuj said the government seeks to amend the Mining Act 2012 to enable it have greater control over the activities of mining companies.


    He said the reforms are important in diversifying the economy of the oil-dependent nation through harnessing and supporting the extractive industry.


    “You (miners) comply with the laws; you are our brothers and our friend. You don’t comply Air Max 90 Shoes Sale , I don’t want to use the word kick out, but you are not part of us and we will revoke your license. Actually I’m quick to do this according to the laws,” Thokuj said.


    He added that the current government policy of allocating 2 Air Max 90 Youth Sale ,500 Square kilometers of land as concession agreement to investors for mining purposes would be abolished and a new policy that encourages competition and quality would be developed.


    “One of the laws that is coming will ensure no more 2,500 km2, we will reduce them so that it is manageable and no chaos. Let us not be driven again by selfishness and greed Air Max 90 Kids Sale ,” he added


    According to the UN Environment Program (UNEP), more than 90 percent of South Sudan’s population depend on natural resources, but the agency has repeatedly warned that lack national of environmental legislations and policies threatens the survival of the country’s abundant natural resources.


    Asrad Khan Air Max 90 Mens Sale , UNEP Country Manager in South Sudan, said the extractive industry is important for development of the war-torn country because it can help in diversifying the economy if harnessed, but unfortunately the country’s resources are being threatened by human-induced pressure.


    He urged the people to use their resources wisely and sustainably both for the present and the future.


    Khan pledged UNEP’s commitment to continue to engage with the extractive industry to help in pollution reduction Air Max 90 Womens Sale , leveraging innovation and emerging technology to support the sector’s contribution to sustainable development and peace building.


    “Unfortunately, the natural resources and environment in South Sudan are increasingly under pressure as you know that in some parts of the country, environmental degradation and depletion is taking place and the country is facing a number of environmental challenges from pollution of water bodies Air Max 90 Sale , pollution of land and soil, wastes, loss of biodiversity Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Shoes , deforestation and most importantly climate change,” Khan said.


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